It’s an odd thing to be following, but since I discovered Kickstarter I’ve been following wallets. I’ve been following all the kinds of designs that have been showing up to be backed. Just in case your wondering what Kickstarter is; it’s a website that allows you to crowd-source investment for your next project or product. Allowing people to pledge money for what’s usually a pre-order or some kind of recognition.

So far individuals and companies have seen some incredible success by using it. Most notable for the both the funding it actually received and the fact that the product is actually shipping (despite being several months behind schedule) is Pebble. Pebble is the worlds first good smart watch. It allows you to read emails, texts and other information on your wrist. It managed to raise $10Million despite only having a goal of $100,000.

So, Wallets. The typical design needs to move on a little I feel. What I currently have is a classic leather bi-fold and compare to the size it should be, it’s massive. I don’t really carry receipts, coins or cash anymore and I need something I can tap on the Oyster reader without having to take that card out my wallet. Cue, Supr Slim (pictured above); my next wallet. It accommodates as many or or as few cards as I need on a particular day, along with some cash if needs be and I’m promised it plays nice with RFID cards.

Now if only it was shipping…