If you were to Google ‘Social Reporting’, it’s highly likely that the top result will be this article from 2008. This might seem a little odd but that 5 year old blog post, created before twitter was even a mainstream thing, highlights exactly what I’m hoping to do over the two days of the annual Socitm 2013 conference happening this weekend:

  • Keeping a shared memory of “what happened” through more than one people doing it, often in quite random ways, and brought together by tags; #socitm2013
  • Using different types of media for reporting, each media type being accessible to different types of people with different purposes for “reading” the (social) report; Flickr, YouTube, Blogs and Twitter
  • Extending the conversation beyond any one mode (such as face-to-face mode, telephone conference mode, lecture mode) making sure you include people who were not “there”; Conversations via twitter
  • Putting reporting in the hands of more and different types of people with access to different tools, technologies and approaches; Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Modelling different ways of helping people to make sense of an occasion;
  • Shining a spotlight on periphery voices by looking out for and recording what they say; Vox Populi
  • Advocacy – raising awareness, highlighting good practice, having an impact in ways that incorporate a wider type of audience than just those who will plough their way through traditional written text.; Video and audio content 

More to follow.