For a brief moment today, after finding out about it from a promoted tweet (hey, they actually work!) by O2, I was really excited about #CampusParty.

Possibly because I had the chance to rent a MacBook air for a week, but really because it sounded like the chance to meet a whole bunch of people who are interested in technology and making. For a long time now I’ve known I should learn how to code; the writing is on the wall. Almost every tip from every start-up CEO interview boils down to one action: learn how to code. Campus Party, in my mind, sounded like the perfect place to start.

However, after scouring the web and finding very little that’s not in mexican I’m kinda put off. Firstly, the website is terrible. Having followed and been inspired by both the thinking and design of the UK’s Government Digital Service I’ve started to become very critical of a bad user experience – when the technology doesn’t make it easier, something has gone wrong. I’ve started noticing bad design all over the place. For example today – stood at the shopping mall info point it was quicker to find the directions to a shop using a paper map than it was to use the interactive map – bad design.

So having spent about 20mins scouring the CampusParty website and watching the video from our beloved London mayor – Boris Johnson, I am none the wiser as to if CampusParty is the right place for me to go. The event schedule is still filled with TBD, should I be camping? what should I bring? gaming?  Etc. Etc.

So, will I be going? Probably. I’m interested enough and it’s cheap enough for me to take a chance – the lack of information will just make it more difficult for me to convince others.