The first track comes from the upcoming Broken Bells album. Their last album was quite possibly my favorite album of all time. Enjoy!


If you were to Google ‘Social Reporting’, it’s highly likely that the top result will be this article from 2008. This might seem a little odd but that 5 year old blog post, created before twitter was even a mainstream thing, highlights exactly what I’m hoping to do over the two days of the annual Socitm 2013 conference happening this weekend:

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For a brief moment today, after finding out about it from a promoted tweet (hey, they actually work!) by O2, I was really excited about #CampusParty.

Possibly because I had the chance to rent a MacBook air for a week, but really because it sounded like the chance to meet a whole bunch of people who are interested in technology and making. For a long time now I’ve known I should learn how to code; the writing is on the wall. Almost every tip from every start-up CEO interview boils down to one action: learn how to code. Campus Party, in my mind, sounded like the perfect place to start.

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Last month I discovered Portual. The Man.


I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t following it that closely: The death of the third party Twitter client. For those who don’t know, Twitters quick ascent to popularity was greatly added by the huge developer support in making twitter available on every platform both new and old. This backing saw devices like commodore 64 and even houses being able to tweet. Not particularly useful, but it was proof of how simple and powerful twitter was as well as how dedicated the community was.

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Each month in addition to gathering together a list of my favorite albums, I also throw together a playlist with tracks I’ve loved throughout the month.


It’s an odd thing to be following, but since I discovered Kickstarter I’ve been following wallets. I’ve been following all the kinds of designs that have been showing up to be backed. Just in case your wondering what Kickstarter is; it’s a website that allows you to crowd-source investment for your next project or product. Allowing people to pledge money for what’s usually a pre-order or some kind of recognition.

So far individuals and companies have seen some incredible success by using it. Most notable for the both the funding it actually received and the fact that the product is actually shipping (despite being several months behind schedule) is Pebble. Pebble is the worlds first good smart watch. It allows you to read emails, texts and other information on your wrist. It managed to raise $10Million despite only having a goal of $100,000.

So, Wallets. The typical design needs to move on a little I feel. What I currently have is a classic leather bi-fold and compare to the size it should be, it’s massive. I don’t really carry receipts, coins or cash anymore and I need something I can tap on the Oyster reader without having to take that card out my wallet. Cue, Supr Slim (pictured above); my next wallet. It accommodates as many or or as few cards as I need on a particular day, along with some cash if needs be and I’m promised it plays nice with RFID cards.

Now if only it was shipping…

Like you’ve probably not heard of Google Wallet, you’ve probably not heard of Bitcoins either. Just like contactless cards and paypal, Bitcoins are going to become mainstream and I’m starting out as an investor.

Bitcoins are the world’s first decentralized digital currency. What that means is that there’s no one organisation that governs or set the exchange rate. The currency generated is by devoting computing power to solving an algorithm, every time the algorithm is solved that computer (or user) is rewarded with 25BTC (Bitcoins). To fight inflation, the currency has safeguards in place. For example, eventually all the Bitcoins will be ‘mined’ and at certain points the difficultly in earning the currency doubles.

Currently Bitcoins are mostly used on the fringes of the internet society, with black markets and hackers accepting them as payment options. However, they’re rapidly growing in popularity. Bitcoins were big  business at this years Consumer Electronics Show and mostly recently an online casino started accepting the currency and began making big money by doing so.

So why I am getting into all of this now? If I’d be smart I would have gotten into it along time ago. The value of Bitcoins has been shooting up and in the time that I’ve been closely following the exchange rate one Bitcoin has gone from being worth £8 to now being worth around £21. For the time being, I don’t see it as a business venture, rather a better investment than bonus bonds. 

When you can’t, or don’t want to afford an iPhone, what phone do you get?

I’ve had a couple of people come to me recently asking what the next phone is that they should get. I’m not usually one for making recommendations outside my family, simply because I feel that if I make a bad recommendation or recommend something that isn’t quite appropriate then they might hate me. At least with my family I can tweak and educate them through the teething process of owning new technology. Plus they’re not allowed to hate me – we’re family after all!

These people have been coming to me not really knowing what they want, but knowing that they want something good. A good phone means different things to different people, but it’s accepted these days that if you want a phone, you want a smart phone that’s capable of doing all that new stuff. So, I think about it for a couple of minutes… Windows Phone usually is the first phone that comes to mind – cheap, fast, easy and use and gives good battery life for a smartphone. However, when it lacks essential apps like Instagram and Temple Run I think that after a while you’d only be disappointed.

If your choosing Windows Phone 8, you’re basically choosing to compromise. – Dieter Bohn, The Verge

Then I’m left thinking about what other options there are, and it’s pretty much only Android. Cheap, fast and highly supported.

Primarily in terms of value for money, I see the Nexus 4 as unchallenged. The latest Android version and features on a speedy high-res device with good industrial design…

What else even comes close?

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